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AMP EV are emerging as a key UK wide provider of electric vehicle charging points for both the public sector, commercial and residential sector. We have supply chain arrangements in place with UK National and International EV charging equipment suppliers, ensuring the right solution for every location.

The Government has signalled the UK’s readiness for the advent of electric vehicles and a key part of this commitment is the provision of electrical vehicle charging points. This investment makes good sense both from a cost and wider sustainability perspective and to ensure readiness for ‘Smart Living’.

The provision of charging points needs to keep pace now with Governments sustainable and environmental commitments. During 2020 Electric charging points in the UK are now set to outnumber fuel stations. Across the EU draft legislation would mean that every new house built would need recharging facilities by 2023. This is an initiative that a BREXIT UK Government cannot afford to opt out of.

AMP EV have recently secured first place on the Fusion 21 Energy Efficiency Framework for the provision of Electric Vehicle Charging Points across the UK, and in 2020 secured the supply and installation of electric vehicle charging points for The Lake District National Park Authority. This builds on multiple high-quality installations across the UK, which includes Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield, Barrow Borough Council, Lancaster University and Wrexham University.

In addition to charging point installations, AMP EV’s Key People have vast experience of managing electrical supplies to charging points. Previously a daunting task, cutting through the burocracy and administration of arranging new energy supplies, AMP EV understands this process through our experience of working closely with Electricity Providers and their supply chain (1).

EV is finally set to change motoring for good with UK commitments to move away from combustion engines in Cities across the World, as soon as 2025 in Norway and Holland for example. EV innovation is in the fast lane, allowing environmental aspirations to become firm deliverable commitments that will make our Towns and Cities less polluted and changing the way we think about energy use.

Battery technology is developing at a pace and more importantly at affordable prices. Couple this with Hybrid and fully electric vehicles becoming mainstream. This is creating the paradigm shift in legislation and thinking.

Our team is available now to discuss options, appraisals, design solutions, environmentally sustainable benefits and cost savings for the emerging smart living, electric revolution.

Tel: 0800 368 9125 


(1) AMP EV work with Independent Connection Providers (ICP’s), allowing a full turn key Project Management approach to the provision of electrical supplies and connection, avoiding the lead in time often associated with direct instructions to DNO’s (Direct Network Operators – which are Electricity Suppliers).

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